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A great gift idea as well as an item of actual use. These nautical instruments are available in a variety of designs and sizes for our clients to choose from. Our assortment of nautical Sextant includes: C. Plath Brass sextant, Brass British Admiral''s Sextant, British Captain''s Sextant, Rack & Pinion Sextant.

Sextant is an instrument that measures the angle between two objects that are visible. Primarily, it is used to measure the angle between a celestial body and the horizon. The angle measured and the time at which it was measured is then used to identify the location of the user on the grid map of the world

Our Sextants are

  • Fully Calibrated & Functional
  • Available in beautiful look polish or in maintenance free antique patina finish
  • Comes with handcrafted brass inlaid wooden box
  • Available with custom engraving
  • Available with different sizes according to customers